Isaiah 18: To a Mystery Nation in a Distant Time

Isa 18 CoverIsa18_ToC

In this 7-verse chapter of Isaiah 18, we read of a nation that stands out among all others – a nation “shadowing (KJV) with whirring wings (NAS) ‘beyond’ the rivers of Ethiopia,” a land surrounded by water, whose people are “tall and smooth” (NAS, NIV) … “scattered and peeled” (KJV); “a nation of strange speech” (NIV); and a nation “whose land the rivers divide.”

These are extraordinary and unique identifiers for any particular nation, and it begs the question: What nation is this?


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VIDEO: 10-second delay at opening

In these mere seven verses, we see a country that would grow strong, powerful, influential and impressive. We also see where, in the latter times, this land would be heavily judged by the Lord Himself to the point of brokenness, repentance and humility … resulting in a quick and full restoration just in time for the Lord’s Second Coming!

Read the story. Understand the times of the prophecy. Know the course by which a formerly godly nation is revived once again … just in time!

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3 thoughts on “Isaiah 18: To a Mystery Nation in a Distant Time

  1. Your insight and Holy Ghost wisdom is compelling and relevant to a nation that has run amok! I thought I was in the know as a congressional lobbyist and a born again Christian. I found out through conviction that I was so close to the government industrial complex that I “had no clue” or “My people perish for lack of knowledge!” I know of many other solid Christians who are merely “doing their job,” not realizing the Bible says “wisdom is in the counsel of many.” Wally, since Nancy and I met you in the 1990’s, the Lord has been using you to proclaim Ezek. 33:6 , II Chronicles 7:14, John 3:16, John 14:6 etc.. Continue to blow the trumpet!

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    • Thank you, Phil, for your kind encouragement. In reviewing the manuscript, please help spread the word to those you know for them to order their own copy. Thank you for all your help. – Wally


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