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Mystery Book Cover 001“The Mystery: Heaven’s Secret Story” (2012)

Eph. 1:4-5 tells us in the Living Bible: Long ago, even BEFORE He made the world, God chose us to be His very own through what Christ would do for us; He decided then to make us holy in His eyes, without a single fault — we who stand before Him covered with His love. His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by sending Jesus Christ to die for us. And He did this because he wanted to!” This is a mystery to us …

Embedded Internet book“The Embedded Internet: The Final Evolution” (2000)

Rev. 13:15 (NAS) predicts that “it was given to him [ the ‘false prophet’] to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.” In a world of over 7.5 billion people, how will they know who is worshiping and who is not … unless …?

Cashless Society book“Cashless Society: A World Without Money” (1974)

The Bible predicts a cashless society would come upon the earth, involving every nation (Rev. 13:16-17). Today, that reality is evolving in ways unimagined a generation ago. In this, Wally’s first book, he told of a world in the 21st century that would be overseen by a “central computer system” that would be the epicenter of world politics, economics and business. He called it Cencom, for Central Computer. Nearly ten years later, the Internet was born, fulfilling everything and more foretold in this book. [Out of print]

Isa 18 Cover

Isaiah 18: To a Mystery Nation in a Distant Time (40-pg manuscript)

This ancient prophet prophesies to an unusual nation set apart from all others in its stature and power. This unique nation would become great … internationally powerful … be heavily judged … and remarkably revived “before the harvest.”

Video Screenshots

Ministry Outreach   

A collection of Wally’s appearances in speaking engagements, radio interviews, YouTube videos and a TV pilot he produced at KETH public television in Houston in 2015.

Select Audio Messages 

“An end-time discipling of last day disciples.”
Messages designed to refocus our attention on what really matters —
“prepare to meet thy God” (Amos 4:12).

wood-news-group-montageWally’s experience as a print and broadcast journalist extends as far back as 1972 as he worked for both a local radio station and a local newspaper. Those venues opened doors for him in religious broadcasting starting in 1975 and ran through the mid-’80s. From the early ’70s to 2013, he also covered the space and hi-tech industries through the groups he started: The Shuttle News Service (1986), the Space & Telecom News Bureau (1987), and most recently, the National Space & Technology Association (2003-2013). Through it all, he never lost focus on his life’s mission: To research and report the global signs and trends heralding the soon return of Jesus Christ (Mat.24:33-34). Even today, he continues to bring into biblical focus and prophetic clarity today’s unfolding developments. Click on the icon above to “The Wood News Group” to begin your tour of this expanded outreach.

My Tributes

Jonathan &amp; Churchill


Jonathan Sandys (Great-Grandson of Winston Churchill) –
December 29, 2018




Architect Bob Batho (Wally Wood Ministries Board Member) –
August 2017




Astronaut Gene Cernan (last man on the moon) –
January 16, 2017


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25 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. I’ve just finished reading The Mystery: Heaven’s Secret Story and it was amazing! I couldn’t stop! This book is filled with scriptures and it’s easy to read and understand. It made so much sense to me! I recommend!

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  2. Wally Rocks! I was surprised when he first told me the gist of the story behind “The Mystery” verbally. To finally get a copy, I read it in two sittings. In my many years walking with Christ, I had never heard or read a Biblical interpretation like this. You are there pre-Genesis, when the Holy Trinity make their move to create and redeem. Had the world powers known this mystery, they would not have crucified Christ. They would dare not, because it would have sealed their fate. But, their mistake ensured our destiny and salvation. Their trap was set and we are free! The Native Americans call God “The Mystery.” Now I understand.

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    Having lived a lifetime attending many churches, hearing many sermons, seen the miracles of God healing the sick, restoring real life to the repentant, THE MYSTERY had never been answered. Until now……
    Wally has been called of God to reveal what occurred before creation. It was never revealed to Lucifer and his demonic hosts what the plan was…..and now its too late for them! Now we have a better understanding of why Satan is the author of confusion!
    Predestined before creation (Eph. 1:4-11). “THE MYSTERY of Christ” sets the record straight. Wally takes us through deep biblical revelation of how “the Lamb’s” blood was shed from before creation (Rev. 13:8). That was His plan!
    A must read.

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  4. As Christians we find ourselves bombarded with questions. Questions that non-believers tend to exploit with the intention to discredit the extraordinary love and greatness of God as well as the full depth of the sacrifice Jesus made. In his book, The Mystery: Heaven’s Secret Story, Wally Wood masterfully examines and reveals the truth within The Truth. A mystery so simple yet so profound that it is literally hidden in plain sight. Chances are, you have read scriptures containing the answers to the secret mystery and still have no idea! This book has helped me to develop an understanding of the seemingly unknown fundamental reasoning behind ALL CREATION. Fundamentals that surprisingly mirror many popular scientific theories. For newborn Christians as well as biblical scholars, this book will fill in the blanks for those questions that (whether you admit it or not) you just don’t know the answers to.

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  5. I just discovered your videos in September 2020. I appreciate your calm, friendly delivery. Your messages are a true blessing and provide valuable insight and wisdom! Thank you!

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  6. Pastor Wood, I work with Dante. I’m a Sgt at the police department where we work together. I’ve been a born again Christian since 1992. Dante and I continually share different videos and posts on positive Christian messages. The last few months he has shared many of your videos with me. They have blessed and strengthened my walk. I know Jesus is coming back soon and have always done my best to share this and the love and saving Grace of Jesus to others. Thank you and keep up the great work for the Lord.
    Your brother Larry Clarke….

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    • Thank you, Sgt. Larry. This is what it is all about: “They have blessed and strengthened my walk.” THAT is the reward for the faith investment being made. Thank you so much for the encouragement. If I may recommend, do get a copy of the book, THE MYSTERY. I think you will find it to be well worth your time and attention to “the story behind The Story.” Looking forward to hearing from you again going forward. Many blessings, my friend!


      • Wally myself and Dante just watched your first episode called “Time for a Great Reset.” It was very informative and it strengthened us in the word of God. Can’t wait for the next episode.


  7. I remember a broadcast you made, aired on KJOJ radio around 1980 concerning the NWO…very powerful! Still watching it unfold 40 years later…

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    • Thank you, Steven. Very, very encouraging! How remarkable that you would remember a single message from over 40 years ago! Wow! Well, I’m grateful you found me still active in these matters. Blessings, my friend. As I used to say then, I still say today … “”Stay tuned” (Mat.24:25,33-34,42-44; 25:13) and keep looking up (Luke 21:28,31)!” There’s more to come! Thank you again.


  8. I have read all above and understand,let’s unite do the work of God by conducting the gospel allover the world.
    Hope together we can, my region is ready to serve the Lord, let’s come together so that we can overcome obstacles and praise the Lord by joy and all ways until the back of his kingdom

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  9. I recently found a booklet from 1976, when we were in the process of moving from Iowa to Wisconsin, so I lost track of it, until just this year! I had not read the booklet until a few days ago, and I have desperately looked to find out if your ministry was still ongoing. Actually, I had got the booklet from SWRC, in Oklahoma. The only Wally Wood I could find, at first, was the comic “artist”, and obviously, I was not interested or amused. So, 45 years later, and many cul de sacs I have gone into and came out the other side, drained and confused, so I want to pursue some of this teaching now. HalleluYAH I finally found your info!!!

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    • Hello Jennifer. Please forgive this delay in responding. I seldom come to this site, but I’m so glad to find your note here. Let me give you my regular email address which I read every day: Contact me there and we can chat back and forth. Hope to see you there.
      And, YES, I am the Wally Wood you were looking for. Thank you again.


  10. Thank you for your info. On GLC
    THANK YOU Wally Wood
    I never read your book
    The Mystery Heavens Secret Story
    But interested would like to know if
    The book is large writing. Also interested in gold and silver coins.
    Thank you stay in touch. God bless you and your family. Good bye !! 🙌


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