“The Embedded Internet: The Final Evolution” (2000)

Embedded Internet book“This Global Network of stockpiled dossiers and real-time communications is changing the face of the w0rld as we have historically known it. The imaginational lines that comprise the nation-states are progressively fading away in the light of global electronic funds transfer, automated banking, Iridium-based cell phones, GPS-trackable silicon chips and Internet-connected refrigerators that place hands-free long-distance phone calls to anywhere on earth … without incurring long-distance charges!”
~ Wally Wood, “The Embedded Internet: The Final Solution” (2000).

This was Wally’s second book on the future in which he observed that “the day will come when the Internet will be connected to everything you touch and everything that touches you!” Today — that is NOW happening through the expansion of the Internet to IPv6 (over 340 trillion trillion trillion IP addresses now available) and, consequently, the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).