“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing.” (Proverbs 25:3a)
The mysteries of the realm of the spirit are known only to God Who knows everything with clarity and certainty.  It is glorious of God to conceal issues that we could not understand even if He were to explain them.  The next statement after the reference above is, “But the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” These two statements seem to be in opposition to one another but they are not.  What you are about to read in this book sets the matter straight. Wally Wood has acknowledged that what he has seen is a mystery and in order as a wise “king” has sought out the matter and continues that search.

I had read most of this treatise prior to receiving the final installment. With the care and wisdom of a skilled teacher, Wally has brought us a glimpse of the mysterious “it,” holding our attention to the magnitude of the ultimate reality of spiritual truth. When I say, “Ah, now I see it!” I am admitting that I have caught a glimpse of it through the author’s description of what he has seen. Neither of us is even near to acknowledging that he has seen it clearly.  So Wally Wood has acted out of advanced maturity his “kingship” by engaging in the honor of searching out the matter in kingly fashion.

I will read it again and again when it is published because it stirs up in me an expectation of a time in the near future when, having seen through a glass darkly, we shall see face to face and know as we are known (I Corinthians 13:12). Then, and only then, will God unveil His “mystery” to us to His delight and ours.

Thanks, Wally, for holding up the diamond of God’s ultimate secret and allowing us to behold its multiple facets.  It has increased my vision and excitement for what is ahead for us all who have seen the mystery and are “searching it out.” Well done!

JRTpreachingJack Taylor
Dimensions Ministries
Melbourne, Florida

Wally Wood surely did his homework in developing The Mystery: Heaven’s Secret Story.  In our day and age so many are walking in their own mysteries. But throughout all creation God our Father has been bringing about a miraculous restoration. He sent His son to be the catalyst that would be the key to bring us back to Him, while breaking the veil and bringing us to maturity. First He had to break the power of the devil, which He accomplished on the cross. He, Jesus, is our example, and as we conform to His image, we are becoming just what our Father God wanted and has been longing for. We are His Beloved! It is finished!

Have you ever wondered where you are going and what life is really about? Read Wally Wood’s revealing book and you will learn the answer to the mystery of all eternity!

Leif HetlandLeif Hetland
President – Global Mission Awareness
Author – Seeing Through Heaven’s Eyes



2 thoughts on “Endorsements

  1. “The Mystery” Is a book well worth reading. Wally brings a unique view of the mystery of the Godhead and with the skill of a mature teacher ties scripture in a way that is easy to read yet challenges the reader to examine well known passages in a new light. If you are a seeker of truth you need to read “The Mystery.” ~ Rick Watts


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