“Ransomed Lives”

Angelic Protection

Psalm 4:8

“In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You alone, O LORD, make me to dwell in safety.”

Prov. 21:18

The wicked shall be a ransom for the righteous, and the transgressor for the upright.”

Isa. 43:4

“Since you are precious in My sight, since you are honored and I love you, I will give other men in your place and other peoples in exchange for your life.

God’s “covenant” with those who place their trust in Him defies the terror of our times. (Psalm 91)

Ps. 56:12

“Thy vows are binding upon me, O God.”

The Lord has vowed Himself to be our protector in ways that we have not fully realized or recognized. In these times that promise to become increasingly “perilous” (2Tim. 3:1), it is to our advantage to know what these promises are and how to walk confident (Isa. 43:2) and worthy (Lu. 21:36) of them.

This is a message of assurance and confidence for our times.