The 5 Questions on the Rapture

5-questions-blackboardThe “rapture” of the church has long-been one of the most divisive debates within the church, in particular the “timing” of that event. Is it “pre-tribulation,” “mid-tribulation,” or “post-tribulation”? Is there room in the discussion for additional information from the scriptures that could help clear away the fog?

Research journalist and end-time teacher Wally Wood shares fresh insight into this subject based on an encounter he had while working for a prophecy ministry in the mid-70s. The story is remarkable and the “pre-wrath” teaching is compelling and enlightening.

In this presentation, Wally is speaking in a 2015 edition of The Revelation File News Forum at Encourager Church in Houston. To learn more about these Forums and how to request an event for your church or organization, click HERE.