The Cry of a Man — the Centurion’s Story

The “Rest of the Story” behind the poem presented here —

It was just a few days before my 12th birthday in December 1962. A Sunday afternoon. We were home from church, had finished lunch, and the family was napping. I was cleaning the lunch dishes when my thoughts went to the Centurion at the cross. After a few moments imagining the scene, I “suddenly” sensed this poem rising up within me. I went to the den, got a tablet and pencil, sat down and began writing. I still, to this day, have the original tablet page with the penciled poem. Amazing!

The poem has been picked up and published in newspapers and magazines everywhere. It’s been dormant for many years … but, one Saturday night in 2015, in my sleep, I kept having visions of the black storyboard for this poem. It’s as if the Lord wanted this poem “resurrected” from the shadows in commemoration of “Resurrection Day” celebrations going forward.

So, here it is, in a renewed restoration of its own. Enjoy and be blessed.
~ Wally




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