Cashless Society: A World Without Money

Cashless Society bookThis book, published in 1974 by the Southwest Radio Church in Oklahoma City, was Wally’s first book. Only 39 pages long, the book proved to be the outline for understanding how a world without money would be established in the future.

The Internet did not exist in 1974, yet Wally spoke of an eventual “central computer system” that would one day oversee every financial transaction we make — private individuals, companies, government … everybody. He called it Cencom. This system would eventually be attached to every gas pump, soda machine, and retail outlet everywhere. Without Cencom’s approval, no purchases would be allowed.

A plastic card with an electronic stripe on the back would replace the cash in our pocket. Cencom would know our identity by the use of that card.

For a detailed history of mag stripe technology —


This book is no longer in print, but used copies may still be available at


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