Isaiah 18: To a Mystery Nation in a Distant Time

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In this 7-verse chapter of Isaiah 18, we read of a nation that stands out among all others – a nation “shadowing (KJV) with whirring wings (NAS) ‘beyond’ the rivers of Ethiopia,” a land surrounded by water, whose people are “tall and smooth” (NAS, NIV) … “scattered and peeled” (KJV); “a nation of strange speech” (NIV); and a nation “whose land the rivers divide.”

These are extraordinary and unique identifiers for any particular nation, and it begs the question: What nation is this?


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In these mere seven verses, we see a country that would grow strong, powerful, influential and impressive. We also see where, in the latter times, this land would be heavily judged by the Lord Himself to the point of brokenness, repentance and humility … resulting in a quick and full restoration just in time for the Lord’s Second Coming!

Read the story. Understand the times of the prophecy. Know the course by which a formerly godly nation is revived once again … just in time!

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13 thoughts on “Isaiah 18: To a Mystery Nation in a Distant Time

  1. Your insight and Holy Ghost wisdom is compelling and relevant to a nation that has run amok! I thought I was in the know as a congressional lobbyist and a born again Christian. I found out through conviction that I was so close to the government industrial complex that I “had no clue” or “My people perish for lack of knowledge!” I know of many other solid Christians who are merely “doing their job,” not realizing the Bible says “wisdom is in the counsel of many.” Wally, since Nancy and I met you in the 1990’s, the Lord has been using you to proclaim Ezek. 33:6 , II Chronicles 7:14, John 3:16, John 14:6 etc.. Continue to blow the trumpet!

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  2. It is 2021 and those of us a bit longer in tooth wonder what has become of the America in which we grew up. Our youth today have virtually no understanding of our history, our values, our love of country. We have allowed God to be driven from our schools, history revised to be inclusive instead of accurate and babies to be murdered through abortion just as if we placed them in the arms of Molock. Greed and corruption in politics and government has never been more mocking in the face of anyone with a modicum of common sense. Wally Wood’s “Isaiah 18: To a Mystery Nation in a Distant Time” presents a biblical perspective of America as that nation. Using his lifelong, God ordained study of bible prophecy, I believe Wally, through the Holy Spirit, makes the case with contextual reasoning and scriptural verification. I will end my endorsement with this quote from Wally: “If we expect 2 Chronicles 7:14 to be fulfilled, we – the “holy nation” within the nation – must fulfill the conditions laid out within its text. Only in humbling ourselves before the Lord in obedience and faith will we “bring a gift of homage before the Lord” (Isa. 18:7) and gain the healing and revival of our land!”

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  3. I read the Isaiah 18: To a Mystery Nation in a Distant Time manuscript from Wally with great interest. The depth of research backed by Scriptural verification and knowledge of Bible prophecy, clearly accompanied by much prayer and spiritual discernment, provides an intriguing read and indeed, study of this passage.
    Every part of this manuscript is very thought-provoking, but I found Chapter 3 so up-to-date with what is happening now and about to happen imminently. And as always, God in His mercy, provides a way for people to get back to Him…. But only in TRUE repentance – and as Wally points out clearly: “For His name’s sake and the glory of His faithfulness to those whom He loves that have abandoned Him, He still redeems, restores and revives”.
    Wally ends with a powerful “OMEGA” page – reminding us from God’s Word itself, that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent, at the door, …. And we need to be ready for that day.
    Sobering, yes, but awesome! An amazing and excellent manuscript which I can highly recommend and encourage you to read.
    Day Ashton
    Writer & Bible Teacher
    Websites: &


  4. I would like to download a copy of ISAIAH 18: To a Mystery Nation in a Distant Time. I click the link that says requested donation $5. The link does not work.


  5. This manuscript needs to be published. Excellent work by you Wally to how that perfectly fits America. It’s an amazing thing that before you explained it, I would have never known. You have my endorsement Wally.
    Excellent work by you.

    Dante Falzolgher

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  6. I have viewed most of Wally’s RevFiles as seen on YouTube. I have found his reporting style and abilities to be balanced, objective, and divinely insightful. His practical reporting skills that he has honed over more than 5 decades shines through all his reporting of the Truth of God’s word.
    When I learned of his Isaiah 18 manuscript, I requested my copy right away, and no surprise, the manuscript Wally has authored mirrored all of his work I have previously benefited from. Very fulfilling. He is truly a conduit of God’s Light and Truth. Thank you Wally!

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    • Thank you so much, James. It’s encouragements like this that keep me going. Thank you so much. Keep us in your prayers as we move through these times. Stay tuned…!


  7. Request for PDF / donated via PayPal just now- but didn’t mention manuscript for Isaiah 18….

    Btw, Wally, back in the early 80’s I volunteered for a while / did some artwork for you. Don’t know if you remember me——Carolyn King


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